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MHGA SYSTEMS CO LIMITED is a leading provider of industrial IoT system solutions and a professional electronic component trader. We provide innovative embedded product solutions for consumer electronics, multimedia, embedded systems, automotive electronics, medical equipment, industrial control, and other industries. We also act as agents and distributors of FPGA from excellent domestic and foreign brands such as TI, ADI, XILINX, ST, NXP, Infineon, Intel, Qualcomm, Marvell, and other companies Integrated circuit products such as MCU, DSP, ADC, DAC, power management, sensors, Mosfet, storage chips, etc. On the design side, we develop cutting-edge and high-performance products, focusing on the electronics industry. From data collection, communication networks, control implementation to cloud computing, we provide users with competitive professional solutions. We create value for users and adhere to a focused strategy, continuously investing in high-precision data acquisition, wireless communication, fieldbus, and embedded control technologies to meet user needs and cutting-edge technologies, driving industry progress. At the same time, we also engage in chip trading business and are a trusted distributor of electronic components. We have a large amount of inventory in stock and enjoy professional supply channels, ensuring 100% original and authentic products. Provide excellent value to customers and suppliers, truly market goods, professional order distribution, direct supply from the original factory, brand agency distribution, traceable channels, and provide high-quality after-sales service. The main product types include electronic program development, control boards, PCBA, circuit boards, mobile communication terminals, wired communication terminals, new energy electronics solutions, design and development, and software; Our advantageous brands in trade business include TI, NXP, ADI, Infineon, Toshiba, AKM, Micron, Hynix, ISSI, MXIC, Winbond, MPS, Microchip, Broadcom, etc. 

MHGA SYSTEMS CO LIMITED's innovation and comprehensive utilization of core technologies are also its core competitiveness. Through its core technology application portfolio, it diversifies its products and provides customers with higher quality and more reliable high-end electronic materials and application solutions. 

On the design side, we provide precise chip selection and commission design services for products, striving to launch the fastest, imaginative, attractive, and rewarding products. Focusing on high-end embedded product design services, product solutions, PCBA level product production, and system level product production services. In terms of trade business, we provide high-quality products or alternative solutions for industries such as consumer electronics, automotive electronics, home appliance applications, network communication, financial equipment, office equipment, industry, and power supply. We are a trustworthy partner! 

On the design side, we rely on existing platforms to easily and quickly add and subtract functions for customers and customize differentiated products. MHGA Systems CO LIMITED provides system design, schematic design, PCB layout design, underlying software (BSP) development, production management, model debugging, production line testing, and ready-made procurement of small batch components; Our professional one-stop design services closely connect our own development with the promotion of global embedded design services. We aim to achieve the ambition and pursuit of world-class embedded design services through continuous technological innovation and self transcendence. In terms of trade business, we aspire to be the world's most professional and top-notch electronic component trader, providing value-added services to customers. 

On the design side, products and solutions in new fields such as AR/MR, intelligent cars, machine vision, drones, 5G, and big health will be launched in the near future. In terms of trade business, some high-end domestic and foreign brand agency services will also be introduced in the future.